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Comparing (Many) KY and OH Real Estate Laws

6 Hours Credit in KY - 3 Law and 3 Elective
3 Hours Core Law Credit in Ohio




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Comparing (Many) KY and OH Real Estate Laws

6 Hours Credit in KY - 3 Hours Law and 3 Hours Elective

3 Hours Core Law Credit in Ohio

This class is designed for agents
that are licensed in both Kentucky and Ohio.

Check back in 2014 for the schedule for this class.


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The class includes a workbook of the KY and OH laws.
You will have the comparisons of the laws
at your fingertips whenever you need them!  

Hour One - Organizational Structures – Website Review

Maintaining Your License
Renewal Timelines – CE Requirements
Notifications to the Commission - Return of License to the Commission

Status of Your License in Each State - Disciplinary Actions

Requirements for Working with Out-of-State Commercial Brokers

Listing Requirements

Hour Two - Advertising Laws
Agent Owned Property – Internet Advertising - Other Advertising Issues

Hour Three - Agency
Triggering Events for Disclosure Forms  - Fiduciary Duties

Hour Four - Property Disclosure Forms
Triggering Events – Stigmatized Property
Megan’s Law – Other Disclosures

Fair Housing

Hour Five - Rebates and Inducements
Offers-to-Purchase – Handling Multiple Offers
Hour Six - Earnest Money – Escrow and Trust Accounts
Closing Requirements

 30 Minutes - Ohio Property Management Laws

This class will provide agents with current resources
to use upon completion of the class. 


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