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Get Your Kentucky Real Estate License!
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How to Get a Kentucky Real Estate License.


Our materials are updated  for 2017 and include the new changes
from the Executive Order issued by Governor Bevin!

Start Today! Get Your Kentucky Real Estate License!
Career Development Center is proud
to offer a blend of online and webcam prelicense classes.
Kentucky requires a total of 96 clock hours
in the classroom to sit for the exam.

You may enroll 24/7 in the online section
where you will complete 60 hours of classes.
These classes are taken at your pace and convenience.
The remaining 36 hours are taken by webcam in a virtual classroom.
A webcam and high speed Internet are reguired to attend these classes. 
The webcam schedule is flexible and can be
completed in about two weeks.

The tuition is $540 which includes the 96 hours of classes,
your Modern Real Estate Practice book and
an online review for the national and state sections of the exam!

There are no hidden fees and we believe
this is the lowest tuition found in the state.
This prelicense class has been
approved by the Kentucky Real Estate Commission.

Please read all the FAQs on this page.
You may register at the bottom of the page.

There are 8 webcam classes that are taken at specific times.
On this calendar you will see them as WC 1, WC 2, etc.
You may attend any class when they are offered.
They do NOT have to be taken in numerical order.


(The really important questions!)
When do we go to lunch and take breaks?

There is a 10 minute break every 50 minutes.
     Evening Classes - 6:30 p.m. to 10:20 p.m. EST
     Morning Classes - 8:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m. EST
Afternoon Classes - 1:00 p.m. to 4:50 p.m. EST

There are many advantages to attending a webcam class!
Here's the top three!

1. Prelicense classes are limited to 10 students.
    This means you are basically receiving private tutoring
    which greatly increases your passing the real estate exam
    the first time you take it!     

2. No travel expenses!
    Think of the time and money you will save
     by taking the classes in the comfort and convenience
     of your home or office without having to drive to class!

3.  You don't have to wait in line to go to the bathroom!


How do I qualify for a Kentucky real estate license?

 You must...
 -- be at least 18 years of age
 -- have a high school education, or equivalent
 -- complete our 96 hour, KREC approved Real Estate License Class
 -- pass the state exam with a score of 75 percent or higher
 -- submit a FBI Criminal Background check. 
 All persons applying for a Kentucky Real Estate License
on or after July1, 2001 shall submit proof
of an FBI Criminal Background Check
 to the Kentucky Real Estate Commission
as a part of the application for a real estate license.
This record must indicate that there have been
no felony convictions at any time
or any misdemeanor convictions within the previous five-year period. 
 Some types of felonies and misdemeanors on your record
may prevent you from getting your license. Please contact the
Kentucky Real Estate Commission before taking the class or exam.

What are the technology requirements?
A student must have a webcam, a high speed internet and be willing
 to download the software program necessary to enter the virtual classroom.
A headset is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. 
 An updated browser and a wired connection is best.
The 60 hours of online classes are hosted by
RECampus or Dearborn Real Estate Education.

Their technical support hours are:
Monday-Friday, 8AM to 9PM and Saturday-Sunday, 8AM to 7PM Central Time.
RECampus Technical Support Hotline: 888-213-5124

When you login to take a class, your place will be bookmarked
when you return to your class.

This provides peace of mind that should you have an emergency and need to login out of a segment, you will not have to repeat the entire segment when you log back in.

Who is my instructor?

Joyce Bea Sterling has been a Kentucky real estate instructor since 1986.
She holds the coveted DREI or Distinguished Real Estate Instructor designation. 
She’s taught at National Association of REALTORS® Conventions and teaches continuing education classes in both Kentucky and Ohio.

She also teaches the Short Sales Foreclosure Resources, the Generational Housing Specialist, and the Senior Housing Specialist classes and is a graduate of e-Pro.

Real Estate Education is her career and passion! You'll see that in her classes!

Click here to learn more about Joyce. 

I’ve never taken a webcam class.
How do I know if this is right for me?

Webcam classes allow you to learn in the comfort of your home or office!
You will save time and money because all you do is login!

You may attend one FREE class to determine
if this method of instruction meets your criteria. 

A webcam class is jsut like the classroom
in that you can see and hear the instructor,
and communicate with other students!

Email or call 859-474-0448
to register for your FREE class!

Are the classes ever cancelled?

It is our policy to teach every class, but classes may be cancelled
for circumstances beyond our control, such as a technology issue.  

What if there is a technology issue?

Most technology issues should be identified in the Demo Class. 
That being said,technology is not perfect.
The Career Development Center cannot be held
responsible for the Internet connection of the student
or when Internet services are not available due
to circumstances beyond our control.
(i.e. Natural disaster and there is no Internet service)

If the Internet is unavailable, the classes will be rescheduled
at the earliest convenience of the parties,
just as it would with a classroom class. 

What is your attendance policy?

You have six months from the date of enrollment
to complete the complete twenty-four classes.

The KREC allows you to miss one four-hour class.
This is NOT recommended and should only
be used in case of an emergency.

The system will record every time you login and logout.

What is your refund, withdrawal, dismissal and re-entry policy?

You may attend one FREE webcam class
to determine if this method of instructor works for you.

After attending any class, any payment is non-refundable.  

Students may cancel enrollment by written notification
within two (2) weeks of payment. Written notification may be sent to
Career Development Center
P.O. BOX 23356

or by emailing Joyce Bea Sterling at
Delivery confirmation by email is the responsibility of the student.

If a student cancels an enrollment, all materials must be returned
at the student's expense in a resalable condition within 60 days. Cancellation, which means that no class been attended,
is subject to a $200 cancellation fee.

Refunds will be issued after the materials are returned in a resalable condition. If materials are not returned there is a $250 cancellation fee.

Prior to attending a class, a student may withdraw from the
prelicense class by written notification to
Career Development Center
P.O. BOX 23356

or by emailing Joyce Bea Sterling at
Delivery confirmation by email is the responsibility of the student.

If a check is returned or a credit card is denied,
a $25 service fee will be assessed with the (10) ten days notice
as provided in KRS 514.040. The student will not be allowed
to login to a class until full payment is made. 

Any student who does not pass the state exam may repeat any course within one year of the original enrollment date at no additional charge.

If class materials or books have been updated since
the initial enrollment, an administrative fee of $50
and the purchase of any new textbook will be required.

The Kentucky Real Estate Commission requires that
a student be seen at all times by the web cam.
Any instructor has complete authority to dismiss any student
from any class for not being seen by the web cam
or any other conduct deemed by the instructor
to be adverse to the best interest of the class.

When do I receive my transcript?

A transcript will be issued upon full payment, attendance to the required classes, completing a class project and passing the class final. 
Additional transcripts will be processed for a $10 fee.

Class Schedule
Our schedule is designed so you may start class anytime.
The Kentucky Real Estate Commission requires
that you attend 96 clock hours of real estate classes.
60 Hours Online - 36 Hours by Webcam

Kentucky Real Estate License Classes
Includes the book Modern Real Estate Practice
 Pass MY Real Estate Exam Review Videos and
 Kentucky Real Estate Law Review

(Review is $84.99 if purchased separately.)

Payment indicates that you have read and agree to the above policies.

When you click  "Buy Now" you are attesting
that you have read and agree to the above terms. 

If you are making a payment for someone else,
please email the name, address, phone number and email
of the person who will be attending.

$540 - Tuition - Book - Review Materials

Our Mission

"We are dedicated to life-long learning.
We realize your future depends upon the skill set you possess.
Knowing this, we are dedicated to helping you change your life
by preparing you intellectually with quality education and training,
so you may successfully contribute to our global community."
Thomas R. Lambuth, Director
Joyce Bea Sterling, Instructor



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