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  February 2012 - Warren Buffett said,

 "Yeah, single-family homes— but if I had a way of buying a couple hundred thousand single-family homes and had a way of managing— the management is enormous— is really the problem because they're one by one.

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Testimonials for Pass MY Real Estate Exam and Webcam CE Classes


"Hello Joyce. I'm just calling to let you know that I passed my test today the first time I took it! Maybe I got an easy test, but your finals were harder than the state exam. Thank you for all your videos, study materials and for communicating with me. You really do talk with
people that is so rare in today's world. Thank you for everything."

"I passed my Kentucky Real Estate Law section with a score of 100%!
Thank you for the timely feedback on the study material(s) when needed."

I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Joyce, I passed!!!!!!!!!!  I have had tears for about 15 minutes.
I feel so relieved. You helped me so much! 
The videos and your support was the best of all.

Thank you.  Is there anything I can do for you?
Write a testimonial? 

I will definitely pass your name along. 
Thank you for your encouragement and guidance."

Comments from Other Agents Who Attended a Webcam Class!

"Well worth the tuition for the convenience
of taking the class at home and for the quality of the class."

"The class was a lot of fun and information was relative and current. 
The quizzes were rigorous and engaging."

"I felt I learned more and retained more then if in a live classroom."

"I felt the teacher had more participation with the class."

Seemed to be fewer distractions this way! 
Web class was awesome! Great class!"

I like this interactive online version of CE – Thanks!
Very good class – Convenient as well!!!  Thanks so much!

Webcam is a wonderful option.
I hope to see it used for more classes."

"It was a very good class and a lot better than I imagined!" 

"Instructor was excellent!"

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